What I Value..


Always realizing that we can not be the persons we would like to be unless God, the Universe, Mary, Buddha , the nature, nobody, a beer or whatever we would like, help us to be.

Practice vulnerability as a lifestyle. We don’t want to be afraid to share with others our weaknesses, flawlessness, as well as our strengths and gifts. Just be real without pretensions

We are created to be creative; I encourage imagination, art, beauty and everything that represents the many faces of this world.

We live in a world where our differences could unite us. It does not matter if you are gay, straight, men, women, young, old, brown, white or black, we are all human beings, and we can create a wonderful painting if we are willing to learn from each other.

I believe in the continuous movement of our minds, ideologies, and ways of thinking so we can grow and be transformed, as individual, in our community and beyond. An organic transformation. 



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