Who am I?


Hi, my name is Miguel,  a student of Society, Culture, and people. Graduated from Tennessee Technological University with a B.S. in Sociology, and a former  United Methodist pastor. I am seeking broken people willing to share their experiences about church–good and bad ones–,people, nature, love, friendship and see if together we can come out with a good aroma of the God.

I am a man of the ink and paper, not from the spoken word. It is easy for me to express myself in writing. Most of the times these writings are the screaming of my soul, the cries of someone who is doubting, questioning and searching. They are full of raw emotions and easily misunderstood. A philosopher of life without any formal studies. A lover of music specially the one that could tell a story of cultures, countries and people. A people oriented person without the skills to interact with others; shy and timid when the door is opened, but once out, life is easier. Full of disorganized thoughts trying to come out. I am like a messy house, after a while I get tired of it and start cleaning it. Sometimes people come to my house and realize is dirty!! Sorry!! That is just me, I promise I will clean it. But I prefer for you to know my messiness and real house, than the unreal clean and neat.

I am someone who is friendly, who can see the beauty in everybody else, and even if the worst comes out, that is ok, because I like to share the good and the bad in him; so people can truly identify with me, and find a commonality. I am always trying to give a smile, a helping hand, I listen to others, learn from others. I search for spirituality and reads about it.

I love to connect people, I find ways for strangers to meet, and may be they will become friends. I rejoice in making connections. I am reserved in the most intimate part of my life, but I do not matter to share to others. I am not prone to ask for help, but when I do, I do not care to show my imperfections, my lack of faith, my fears, and insecurities.

I like to help others, but not to create people who become help dependable, but to be able to empower them so they can find their own help within themselves. I enjoy when people are able to see their own potential and start to work to improve the lives of others. I am an encourager, someone who empowers, opening my arms and embracing others,

I am proud of my culture and my people, I regret some parts of my history, and sometimes even get ashamed; but I am trying to understand that history is something that has passed, and I need to get all those experiences—good or bad—and learn from them and move on, stepping forward, and keep growing. I have a very big heart, and sometimes this heart hearts way too emotional and sensitive, and I can easily get overwhelmed, and the only way to take that pressure off is by venting out with my friends, or writing about it in these virtual pages.

I am a very MHB (messy human being) in search for uncomplicated spirituality. A classical music fan, a joyful salsa listener and dancing fanatic. A man in a continuous search for himself, The Universe, good friends, and good times.

DISCLAMER: The views and opinions expressed in this page do not necessarily represent the opinion or position of the organization I work, its board, members, or funders. Just a reminder that any comments or posts that include hate speech directed at any person(s) or group(s), or speech that alludes to potential violent behavior, is not condoned and will be deleted. If such behavior(s) becomes a constant action by a person or person(s), they will be removed from the page.

You are more than welcome to voice your thoughts or opinions, whether in affirmation or opposition, but please do so in a manner that refrains from promoting hate or slander.

E-mail me to: elguapo.carpizo@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Who am I?

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  1. Hi Miguel,
    Dann here from Danny Salazar’s band. I tried to find an email address on the site but did not see one. So I decided to post something here. I phoned Jonathan from Festival of the Nations about you today. He asked me to forward a copy of his latest announcement to you. But I don’t have your email. He is expecting a call from you.

    Bottom line…their next festival will be on a Saturday 11/22 at The Bethel Church in Brentwood. It is an Asian festival. Jonathan suggested that you come and introduce yourself and see what they are all about.

    We really enjoyed playing at the Connection!

    Take Care,

    Dann Sherrill

  2. Saludos Miguel! Buscando blogs cristianos di con el tuyo, y me pareció interesante. Esta decisión de vivir una espiritualidad sin complicaciones creo es un pensamiento universal en aquellos que hemos participado de la Iglesia de alguna forma. Me interesaría mucho saber si es que lo hubo, cual fué el momento o la experiencia que te llevo a buscar “solo de Dios”.

    1. Gabriel,

      Me da mucho gusto que hayas llegado a mi blog aunque me extrania que este entre los sitios cristianos ya que mi intencion no era esa pero que bueno que llegaste y pudiste leer lo que escribo como parte de encontrar las aguas profundas de mi relacion con Dios. Me puede escribir a macarpizo21@tntech.edu y seguir platicando al respecto…saludos

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