Life in the DEEP SOUTH


As-Salaam-Alaikum السلام

Today I went to open an account in a credit union , a white lady who was very well dressed took care of me, when I showed her my drivers license she didn’t accept it and asked me for another document to prove I was in the country legally. Her attitude was distant and not very helpful , but for some reason my life story came about and I shared with her that in one moment in my life I was a married pastor but I came out. This is what she said:

“Did you come out because you knew that was the right thing to do, or because you knew Satan was tempting you and you needed help to overcome the sin of homosexuality?”

Of course for one moment I was in shock but instead of getting into a very heated argument because I was there to open an account, I played along with her and suddenly I became the most pious Christian ever, sharing scriptures to her and making sure she knew I was a strong believer. And of course her attitude towards me completely changed. I was not a foreigner anymore, neither a sinful homosexual, I was a Christian brother. From then on she was the most gracious and helpful person.

You know I said to may self “what a heck!” Let’s play the game, I went to seminary so I can quote the Bible and I also can pretend to be what I am not. I know she was just a very strong representation of the religious privilege and reality in the Deep South. But instead of feeling upset about it, I had so much fun!

it was really hard to pretend who I was not but I knew if I did that I was going to be treated better and it worked. I gained a friend and a sister, of course all is fake and not sincere but I had an excellent service and I left the place in a good attitude

This makes me wonder if her attitude had changed if I had shared with her that I am an openly gay Muslim, and that I welcome and cherish all faiths and believes! What it would have happened in my experience in that place?


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