With a Broken Heart!


Salaam friends,

As a new Mexican Muslim and openly gay men, and doing Ramadan for the first time, my heart is broken today.

It is broken because it involves three of my own communities: Latinx, LGTBQ and Muslim.

It breaks my heart to know that the media will direct their hate to the Muslim community in general.

It hurst my heart that the media is forgetting to mention it was a Latin night, and it hurts my heart because that could it be me or my friends.

It hurst my heart not be able to be open about who I am in my own Masjid and community because I am afraid to be rejected or to not be loved for who I am. I have endured enough pain already to be able to accept who I am as a precious beloved of God to go all over again in this new faith.

I am afraid to go to pray to the Masjid tonight, not because I am fearful from my life, but because I am afraid of silence and indifference, that my friends, is more painful specially when we share the same faith.

Today my soul and spirit is crying,

today I would love to be closer to my family, indeed I really would love to be with them.

I pray that this call of prayer can give us the peace we need to keep walking and keep fighting to be accepted and love no matter of our believes, race, sexual identities, gender, etc.

Take a moment and listen to this and let this call bring you peace into your heart and know that still LOVE is greater than HATE.


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