Thank you very much!

Only 15 days more working out in the place, and with the family who helped me with my life been transformed. Next time you hear about me will be when I publish the book about my own journey.
What a wonderful journey this has been, the coaches, and friends in this place are amazing. My life was transformed in many areas of my life, and those who know me know what I am talking about. This Time Next Year has arrived. I went from a sedentary life to an active. I hope to keep hearing good things from you, and of course I hope we keep in touch. May 30 Last Day.This is what my co-worker and boss Angie Wright wrote about my transformation:

“Miguel moved to Birmingham to accept a job that didn’t yet exist: Multicultural Organizer at Greater Birmingham Ministries (GBM). We were starry-eyed about Miguel when we offered him the job: we thought he knew everything he needed to know about community organizing in the Latino community. Miguel was starry-eyed about GBM: he thought that since our work is all about building community and changing the world, we would be ready for change ourselves. We thought so too.

Because his new position didn’t exist, Miguel has had to make it up as he went along. Like building an airplane while you fly. It hasn’t been easy. At times it has been really hard. In the early days, there were times when he wanted to give up. A lot. He often said, “maybe I’m just not the right person for this job.” Sometimes he said, “it’s just too hard.” At times he said, “I just don’t feel like I belong here.” When it got really bad, he had other choice words.

When Miguel joined Iron Tribe, it too was really, really hard. In the early days, there were times when he wanted to give up. A lot. He sometimes said, “it’s just too hard.” At times he said, “this just isn’t for me. I’ll never make it.” When it got really bad, he had other choice words.

It was like hearing an echo.

But Miguel didn’t quit. He didn’t give up. Every time he got to the point where he felt that he couldn’t go on, the community (and the community of saints) helped him keep going. Small kindnesses, words of en-courage-ment, people thanking him for being an inspiration when he was seeking inspiration himself picked him back up. He lost inches in his waistline but he seemed to grow taller. He lost weight but he grew in confidence. He no longer shrinks away from challenges at work but meets them with clarity of purpose and gentleness of spirit. ”

PLEASE No More Surprises! It is time for me to move on to keep pushing myself. I have joined a great group of runners Resolute Running Training Center so I can train for my full marathon next year. (I am very greatful for the friends who helped me stay 3 more months, you are absolutly AMAZING) #StrongerTogether#WhatALife #LifeTransformed #YouWillBeMiss


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