Why I Tribe- A Life Transformed

In year at ITF


I feel more prepared to leave Iron Tribe Fitness at the end of April than when I was a month ago. I am so thankful with the generous athletes who paid March and April, so I can continue working in my transformation.

This is my last month at ITF, and I will be giving my all.But that does not mean that you won’t see me anymore, “Once a Tribe, Always a Tribe”. I am about to finish writing my book where I have imprinted all these year, and the experiences I have lived while at ITF. My plan is to come back as soon as I get my life in order once again.

Because I know I will leave ITF, tomorrow morning I am going back swimming; my goal is to be swimming one mile by the end of summer. Even though I am still training for a half marathon, I wont be able to run the Nashville one because registration is kind of expensive, but I know I will eventually run one this year.

The month of April is one year since I started this journey, and I am so amazed on how my life has been changed. It has truly been transformed. Now I change Tennis shoes every six months, I own knee pads, 2 running shorts, 3 running shoes, and wristbands; I set my fitness bag every night with everything i need to work out. My fridge has almond milk, eggs, bacon and lots of sweet potatoes(That I did not like it before). I drink water every time I can. I know the meaning of WOD, power cleans, burpees, snatches, single-unders(that I still hate), Over Head squat (I do not hate it, but still working on it), and I am running around 8 miles every week–I was not able to run 100 meters when I started– and I have also quit smoking BANG!! Take that!!!

I do not care if people call me CRAZY for giving thanks to a gym, even though ITF is not a gym, but it is my family (OMG! yes call me crazy because this sounded way too loco de la cabeza) I found excellent coaches who were supportive through out all the journey, and who always had a word of encouragement to give. Recently Damaris told me after completing a difficult WOD that included a 1 mile run: “This is a defining moment. Your weight no longer defines you. Being out of shape no longer defines you. You are an athlete and what you’ve accomplished in the past year is incredible. Keep it up!”. I have also found good friends, that little by little I am getting to know more, and I have seen their progress, but most of all I really believe I’ve found myself. I found the joy of taking care of my body, and in consequence I have taken care of my soul and spirit. This journey has been truly a Life Transformed.

I know it is not finished, and I still have a long journey ahead, but I am glad one day I decided to overcome my own insecurities, and low self-esteem, and stepped into Iron Tribe Downtown to face the negligence towards myself.

I am finishing today’s post with the words Forrest told me recently after the AWODS referring to the comment a post at ITF Facebook page before I started.

Thoughts at night, April 19th, 2013 at 9:47pm

With 100lbs overweight on me, a sedentary life, knees and lower back pain hurting, and a very stressful job I am in my last week before I start my first year of, hopefully a new life. Am I nervous? Yes I am. Am I anxious? you do not have any idea. Is my low-self esteem wants me to quit, of course it does. But I am 200% that the decision I have made to joined Iron Tribe has been one of the best decision I have made this year, even though I have not even started and I do not have any idea of the pain I will be, I am ready.

Iron Tribe Fitness: I’ll be introducing you next year at our annual AWOD’s as our most improved athlete! ~ Forrest Walden

“Less than one year later those words became reality! It’s been awesome seeing you out in the work and change the entire direction of your life in front if our eyes. Your father would be proud”



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