100 WOD’s, 40 lbs Lost, Feeling Good!

May 2013-August 2013-October 2013
May 2013-August 2013-October 2013

“Tragedy is that our attention centers on what people are not, rather than on what they are and who they might become.” -Brennan Manning

So I have reached the 40 lbs. lost since I started at Iron Tribe Fitness and almost 4 sizes down on my pants. You do not even know the joy and fulfilment this represent to me. My life has already been transformed, and there are no thankful words that can express my gratitude towards the people who believed in me even when I was not. With almost 280 lbs. on me when I started, my self-esteem and value was in the lower level. I did not have energy for anything, and my lower back pain was getting more and more hard to endure.

Today I did my 100 WOD (Workout Of the Day) five months later I am totally a new person, and I am not even close to reach my goal, but I am getting closer and closer. I am stronger, lighter, and still building my value and love towards me.

I found this post I wrote at Iron Tribe Facebook page 10 days before I started. It is very excited to know that “yes” it has been one of the greatest decisions I have made.

Thoughts at night (April 19)
With 100 lbs. overweight on me, a sedentary life, knees and lower back pain hurting, and a very stressful job I am in my last week before I start my first year of, hopefully a new life. Am I nervous? Yes I am. Am I anxious? you do not have any idea. Is my low-self esteem wants me to quit, of course it does. But I am 200% that the decision I have made to joined Iron Tribe has been one of the best decision I have made this year, even though I have not even started and I do not have any idea of the pain I will be, I am ready.







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