Yes, I am Brown!

I am surrounded by black and white
I am misunderstood.
I am pushed aside.
I am patronized.

It is white and black,
brown does not have a place.
It is English what we speak,
and translate to those that can’t.

We serve black and white
may be brown will come alone.
“you telling me they don’t eat mac and cheese?” they say,
“It is not about colors” they comment.

You may say you do not see colors,
but you live as black and white.
I am brown among you,
What are you going to do?

Accept it! We live in color,
the black and white era has passed long time ago.
It is ok to see our colors,
Don’t ignore it,

Look at me I am brown!
Yes, I speak different,
Yes, I eat different,
and guess what?
My culture is different as well.

So I appreciate all the colors among us
I see you as black, and white, and brown.
It is ok, our differences make us stronger.
but still you see  in black and white.


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