This is not me….(Thoughts on Social Media.)

I wish the aggression will come only from the outsiders,
but it also come within my own community.
Brown against brown, queer against queer.
because you do not look the way they want you to look.
because you are not young enough
they call you creeper, piggy, “pinche gordo”,
go lose some weight and come back later.
they project their ugliness.
Shallowness travels around here and there.
We are dehumanizing our own,
downgrading friendship into just body objects.
We keep classifying, top, bottom, bear, twink,
chub, Large, athletic, and fem.
We made masculinity a synonymous of fitness,
forgetting even the real meaning of the word.
They create this online social media,
where people can be on the DL,
showing torsos, eyes or feet.
The body has become an idol to be worshipped;
the mind, and soul a relic to be forgotten.
And we’ve fallen into this game,
the game on blaming others,
but not being able to look within ourselves.

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