Love and Justice

“If you don't first understand the dynamics of love, real and radical love, then it doesn't matter if you understand the dynamics of power or anything else. Radical love that demands justice and gives warmth, that gives affirmation and demands an end to oppression...that is the first understanding. The understanding that must come before everything... Continue Reading →

Courageous and Shameless.

Be yourself no matter what, some will adore you and some will hate everything about you. But who cares? It’s your life; make the most out of it! — Unknown RUKUS society has the slogan of "Action speaks louder than voice". One of the things I have been saying after working on the immigrants’ rights... Continue Reading →

Que No Se Apague la Voz…..

Que no se apague la voz ante el silencio. Que nos se bajen las manos ante el tumulto. Que no se hundan las miradas ante los infortunios de una batalla. Hemos perdido cuando dejamos que los poderosos nos opriman e intimiden con sus artimañas. Ante el asombro de las decisiones estúpidas y  triviales de nuestros... Continue Reading →

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