An Appeal to keep the DREAM alive

I will not be able to return to school next semester ūüė¶ I cant afford it because I cant attain scholarships or apply for fafsa…Got 2 more days with 4 exams…Guess what I’m going to do. I am going to go and ACE those junts!!! Cant stop now, NOT an option; plus I want a good GPA when I start up again after I’ve saved enough to go back!!! DAMN YOU BROKEN IMMIGRATION SYSTEM and THANK YOU for INSPIRING me SO MUCH!!!” (A Dreamer)

These are the words of a Dreamer, a student who was brought here when he was five years old by his parents without the proper documentations to live in the US. The only home he knows is the United States.
He went through elementary, junior high, and graduated from High school. He did what any other American student would do: play sports, go to prom, hang out with friends and get excited when applying for universities to continue his education.

Do you remember when your son or daughter went to college for the first time? Were you proud about it? I bet you were. There is a great feeling to be able to see your children keep moving and excelling to grow so they can keep contributing to out society. You are ready to see them fly. Sometimes you will even go with him or her to the school and help them move, or help them get their first apartment. You are a very proud parent!, but what if they did not have that option for a decision you made in the past?

For some of these students,(Dreamers) they are the first generation to go to college, so the¬†excitement¬†is even more real. But guess what even though they have lived here all their lives, they can not¬†receive¬†financial aid, scholarships or even get in-state tuition. They speak English,because for most of them it is their first language, they have been raised, educated and assimilated into this country, but they can not get an education. And the worst of all is that Immigration wants to deport them to a country they do not know, to a place they have never lived; telling them “it is not your fault that you became part of our society, because your parents brought you here. But we also do not care about you so go home” HOME??? Think about it please!! Where is home? What kind of people are we becoming when we share this kind of non-sense, hard hearted and close mindedness views to these students? Imagine how would you feel as a parent when you have seen the dream of your children broken!

Let me tell you my friends, there are many students like these among you, studying with your son, and¬†daughter. Playing soccer, football, basketball, or even eating with you at the table. They are the best friends of your children, they have the same hopes, the same dreams, the same frustrations, the same issues. They cry, laugh, run, dance together. They signed their yearbook remembering all the good memories of the high school years. But your children move on, but these students fall into the crack of a broken system who label them “undocumented”, and push them into the labor force of service providers. ¬†Among them they are 4.0 GPA students, who are proud to be an American, at least in their heart.

I personally know some of them, and it brakes my heart to see all these students fighting to be heard,giving all they have for a State Representative or Senator to look at them not as a number, but as people. It breaks my heart to see their dream shatter, broken in little pieces. So that is why I am proud to be called a friend of these students who are giving everything to fulfilled their DREAMS. I am honored to raise my voice for them, because they are fighters, and they will do everything they have to restore their dignity as citizens of this world.

I appeal to you, with my hand in my heart, to soften your heart, to listen to their stories, to give¬†yourself¬†an opportunity to get to know them and to understand their fight and struggle. I appeal to you to get into your wallets this season, we spend so much in gifts that will fade with time, let’s invest in giving the gift to fulfill the dream of one of these Dreamers. I appeal into your humanity so you can raise your voice with me in behalf of all these students. Let us show them that as American citizens, and cohabitants of this wonderful country: ¬†WE CARE!

This is the land of the free and the home of the brave, and I know I have met so many that they are not afraid to do something, to risk to be kicked out of what they know as their home to be able to make of their DREAM a reality. They are truly THE BRAVE ONES!!!, and I am so proud of them.

By the way, I would like to speak to the Parents of all these DREAMERS: I just want to thank you for making that hard decision to bring your family to this country, knowing the risks you will face,(even the risk to loose your life) but believing you were going to give them a better life. You probably thought so much about making this move that would  was going to change your lives forever. We will try our best to keep the promise you gave to yourself when you came to this country. We will hold their hands and help them raise their voice. Your effort wont be lost!

Note: I would like to dedicate my success in college to the DREAMERS. Saturday when I walk to receive my diploma I will honor each one of you!! Please DO NOT GIVE UP!!!


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