Contemplative Life

There is nothing like the contemplative life, when I give to myself the opportunity to quite down all the noises around me, all the voices who tell me who I am or where to go, all the frustration, anxiety, hurt and bitter. It is a moment where I can try to understand the deepest longing... Continue Reading →

Who am I? Where am I going?

“You never find yourself until you face the truth” Pearl Bailey Last Friday was the day when the truth was spoken to me from two different kinds of people. One was from a school friend who left Cookeville last year, the other one from a new friend who has been able to see the rawness... Continue Reading →


When we think we know ourselves, we realized that in reality, we do not know ourselves a lot. The darkest of our soul becomes present the moment we illuminated the deepest corner of ourselves. This happens because the more we know about the labyrinths of our hearth, the more we get lost in them. It... Continue Reading →

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