Free Spirit

picture by Laz Kauffman

I have always be a dreamer and idealistic, and in the this journey that I started a couple years ago, my faith and my inner self has been transformed to become a  free spirit. Last Friday I danced with the rhythms of my good friend Danny Salazar and for one moment I knew I was dancing with God. Every step I did was a reminder of how alive I was, and how the spirit of the presence of the divine was guiding me, letting me flow and releasing all my fears and doubts.

So you may wonder what a free spirit is. That is very easy to answer: a free spirit is someone who is not ruled by any institutional religion, but keeps learning to find the beauty of God—the Divinity—in himself. It is someone who understand than in order to have a better knowledge of this Divine being, he needs to read, and learn from everybody else, being receptive to the spiritual movements around him. A free spirit is the one who finds God—the Father and Mother—throughout the daily activities of his life, who understand that music, poetry, writing, painting, dancing, having coffee, beer or a cup of wine with friends, is as divine and holy as going to church or to the temple every other day of the week. A free spirit can be educated; I think education helps understand better the history and life of religions; but at the same time you do not need a formal education to be a free spirit.

A free spirit does not have a last name; I mean he is not a Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian, Catholic, Mormon, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or atheist. He is just as a free spirit. He can enjoy the good teachings of great theologians, as well as common people. A free spirit may center his life in one ideology, but listen to everybody else.

He is involved in social justice, human rights, and the inclusiveness of every person into the flow of this world. Is someone who encourages freedom, and liberty; he has compassion for people who are pretenders, those whose life is in the closet of animosity building a perfect scene to keep the audience happy and entertained.  A free spirit is not someone free of judgment of prejudice like many would like to think, and for that there is a very logical explanation: a free spirit is still a human being, which makes him imperfect, selfish, and self-centered. For this reason his true battle is to find his inner self constantly so he can fight it and perfect it. It is not a battle against the concept of sin, because this word has misunderstood throughout centuries. It is a battle against his own humanity, but not because that is wrong, but because he wants to be able to get the precious diamond that is hidden within his inner self.

A free spirit is a man or a woman, gay or straight, child or adult, it does not have borders, so he welcomes everybody, eats from different tables, and creates a place where others can feel welcomed. It is just someone who understands there is a Divine being, a God, a superior force helping him cope with the many complications and difficulties of his life; but he is also the one who can recognize that everything we have among us has the divine seal. It is finding the goodness in every person we encounter, and as my new friend Leon told me, it is being able to see their potential and trust in what they can do. By the way a free spirit recognizes that every person he meets can bring something to his table, and maybe he can take something else to the new friend’s table.

Last year I wrote a book, and lamentably I have not been able to publish it because of lack of founding. This book was called The Way of Simplicity; well I believe the pages of this book are still being written. My faith still changing and still being transformed. It is challenged by the new difficulties I am facing, and by the pain of finding me outside of the walls of the church for the first time in twenty years. People ask me if I have already found a new church to go. Honestly, I do not know if I want to find one; that is why I am now a free spirit. If I am ever part of something, it will be a place where everybody is welcomed, cherish, encouraged, where everybody can teach and be an example to others, a place with no specific leaders, but knowing that everybody has the potential to help transformed the life of someone else, and as my friend Jeff just told me, that every dollar we get won’t be to pay high salaries but to help each other just as a family does.

As a good Tennessean would say:  I ain’t a pastor anymore, neither a Christian. Yes! I have faith in God, and I believe Christ is my Rabbi, but I just want to be known as a free spirit. I won’t expect for you to agree with me. Neither will I try to persuade you. I am not here in this world to convince you of your wrongness, because I am not the one to tell you what is wrong and what is right in your life.(I ain’t good enough to tell you that) That is for you to find out. I am not here either to tell you the good news, because may be for you there are not good news.  I am here to find the good news in my life, and live it!! May be I can inspire you to find the good news in your life. My prayer will be that one day you may find it.

So today I just want to be known as a free spirit, dancing with the music, and laughing with God


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