When Music Becomes a Prayer

This morning I need some Samba or Latin Music to release all my anxiety!!!It is the only way!! I believe God works through music for me. Suddenly Samba, Son Cubano, and Salsa become prayers; the prayers of a man facing a very uncertain time in his life—out of the church after almost twenty years serving in it, and without an income—so these rhythms who are part of my so rich culture of Latin America become alive, and create a special bond with my spirit, whose also is in unity with God.

So I am just thinking here: Why don’t we have churches where we can play our music, dance, and enjoy the beauty that the colors of our cultures bring to us? Can we reconcile culture and God, without creating a subculture? What about creating a free jamming session where people can express their gifts on music and just let the beauty of God flows through the instruments, the dancing, and the rhythms. I believe most music is God’s gift to us, it does not matter if the words are “Christian” or not.

All the diversity we have in these days brings different emotions to people. For the last couple of years I have experience more community when I am dancing and listening music with my friends than when I go to a Sunday service, and I believe it is all because of what music does to my soul.(of course there are a couple of churches where I have found this sense of community, but there are not many) It is amazing what a “merengue” does through a group of international students from different backgrounds, religions, language, and even majors. There is a sense of unity, of brotherhood; for one moment all our differences disappear, and we move through the waves of music.

So what if we can create a ecumenical place where every religion is welcomed, every lifestyle is cherished, and where to have a different culture and race is encouraged, and then share with each other our music, writings, prayers, and dances. Learning from everybody: some days we would learn from Jesus’ teachings, other days we will listen to Pema Chodron and her thoughts about Buddhism, or learn from the life of Prophet Mohamed, light a candle to Saint Jude to help us cope with the difficulties of life, or light incense to Genesha or Krishna; and let every person who comes be able to receive the peace, community, love or even generosity from everybody else. I know, this sounds way too idealistic; but I have been known to be a dreamer, and as Oscar Wild said, “A dreamer is one who can only finds his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world”.

So again, what if we could unite each other through the drumming and music of the world?, through the dancing steps of the soul, throughout the many rhythms that create the beauty of this world, and through the many faiths we have in these days to calm our so conflicted soul, and create a temple for the diversity so we can truly represent our diverse communities in this 21st Century.


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