What Difference Does it Make?

What difference does it make to ask someone about his/her lifestyle? I wonder what changes will bring into the life of people to find out the truth of somebody else’ life? When we find out about the intimate life of friends, what would change in our life? For example, if a friend is going out with her boyfriend; knowing about what they are doing in the bedroom would really change the concept I have for her? If I am a very conservative person I may be shocked; but that won’t affect my friend at all. Honestly, I do not have to be asking those questions because knowing that it won’t change anything in my persona life, what do I care.If your friend decides to tell you his/her intimate life, we should honor that, and keep it for ourselves,but If he/she does not do that, lets keep moving.
The problem arise when we are so curious to know, that we would like  to satisfy our cravings to better understand the life in details of everybody else, so we can be better people, and live a transformed life, right? Because when we know about others’ intimate life we grow as individuals, and because we want to grow we go and ask everybody else to see if we can find out the truth of their lives. Once we found out the truth, our life is transformed. (being a little sarcastic)
I really like what my friend David Johnson once told me, “You are Miguel for me, nothing has changed”. He is exactly right, I am still the same Miguel I was born, the only difference is that I am 40 years old now, and I have learned to love and accept me they way I am, and love and accept others.
Are you curious to know about my personal and intimate life? Well keep reading my writings, and you may see a glance of the vast territory that my intimate life is all about. I do not even know it all, so do not worry if you don’t know it either.

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