"The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage." Thucydides I do not know what the Latin Rhythms have, but they have always been such a therapy for me. It is like a burden inside of me that gets into every part of my soul, body and spirit and moves me at... Continue Reading →

Free Spirit

I have always be a dreamer and idealistic, and in the this journey that I started a couple years ago, my faith and my inner self has been transformed to become a  free spirit. Last Friday I danced with the rhythms of my good friend Danny Salazar and for one moment I knew I was... Continue Reading →

When Music Becomes a Prayer

This morning I need some Samba or Latin Music to release all my anxiety!!!It is the only way!! I believe God works through music for me. Suddenly Samba, Son Cubano, and Salsa become prayers; the prayers of a man facing a very uncertain time in his life—out of the church after almost twenty years serving... Continue Reading →

What Difference Does it Make?

What difference does it make to ask someone about his/her lifestyle? I wonder what changes will bring into the life of people to find out the truth of somebody else’ life? When we find out about the intimate life of friends, what would change in our life? For example, if a friend is going out... Continue Reading →

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