My Real Struggle: a true confession

Photo by Lazarus Kauffman

A friend made a comment today that made me think, he said: “I am glad that Paula has helped and supported you in your struggle”. To that I answered, “It is not a struggle anymore, it is just my life”. In the Christian lingo it is seem as a struggle, but I believe that once you have been able to accept it, then it becomes a celebration. I went from walking with my eyes looking at the floor, a bended back and a heavy heart; to stand up with my head up, my eyes looking to God and my heart free to celebrate more and struggle less.

My struggle is not anymore what it was, because now I can be, as my brother put it, “a people’s lover where your church is freedom.” So in this celebration the struggle will be now to keep my eyes in all the things I have set as goals in my personal, professional and emotional areas.

What I do not want to ended up doing is defending the rights of people who in some way become very prejudice against each other. I prefer to celebrate freedom and life, not the lifestyle in itself.  Even though we are in some way a result of our lifestyle, it is not the core of who we are as a human beings and individuals. We are more than any lifestyle, or ideology. In a way social injustice does not belong to a specific group, and I am amazed how some people are in favor of the rights of theirs specific group, but they are prejudice against each other, and others; and yes! You are right! I am also guilty of that.

I am even guilty of criticizing the ones who do not agree with me and generalized my comments just because of the opinions of some, for example is really easy to say Mexicans are never on time, or church people are hypocrites, or gay people are immoral just because we have read it in some books, listened to what others have said, had a negative experience, or even read an article in the newspaper.  My friend Jeff reminded me about it this week, he said, “Miguel, never forget that there are many United Methodist people who have supported you and loved you, like Homestead church”.

So let me confess myself to all of you:  this is the real struggle for me in life: to keep an unselfish mindset, to broaden my understanding of others, to celebrate the freedom and not the lifestyle, to learn to love myself physically and in my inner life, and to always remember that I live in a community where I am because what others have invested in me through their friendship, encouragements, facebook comments, and daily interactions.


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