When finishing a chapter in writing, it feels a sense of accomplishment. A work of many hours has been done, and now I can move to start the next chapter. Most of the time I’ll have some idea what the next chapter will be, or at least have a title that will help me develop what I will write. But going back to end of a chapter, there is always this desire to go back and read what I just finished, so I can change or add what I want to, or even erase it and re-writte it.

In life the end of chapters are absolute; there is no way I can go back and change what I did not like it or the things I did wrong. Once the chapter is done, that’s it, it is closed. This is exactly how I feel today, a chapter of my life will be closed, and there is no way I can go back. I wish I could know what is the next chapter all about it, but honestly I do not have any idea how this journey will ended up. The only thing that I know is that I do not regret any decision I have made in the last year, because it has opened the imagination’s doors to keep writing the story of my life. Every word written has been, like the author Rob Bell says, a sacred waste; a spiritual moment in this life that has helped me finish another chapter of my book.

After 11 years serving the Institutional church, July 1st will be my last day; seven of those years as a pastor. I did what I could, but now I need to change the ink, turn the page and move on. I think this comes in the perfect time because this is the year I am turning 40 years old, I will graduate from the university with a degree on Sociology and I will have published my first book, and of course the first year I have enjoyed being myself without hiding anything or pretending to be who I was not. My relationship with Paula has been transformed back into the original friendship we had before we got married. I have met really good friends that has supported and accepted me. Last night “me solte el pelo” that means I relaxed and I went dancing with a crazy bunch and I enjoyed a lot!!(well sorta, the last part reminded me to my teenage years ). I feel like I am in a NASA platform waiting to be launched. A new chapter is going to be written with a pen and the ink waiting to be used. I know this will be a good!!!


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