Not My Shadow

I was reading about the Myth of Sisyphus, a very peculiar story about the absurdity of this man's life, a figure of Greek Mythology who was condemned to repeat forever the same meaningless task of pushing a rock up a mountain, only to see it roll down again. Ronald Rolheiser compares the life of Sisyphus... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Ugliness

I was chatting with a new friend about life, and of course as you know I like to go deeper in everything we talk. My good friend Jeff and I used to spend many mornings thinking beyond what we were learning or reading. So taking this as part of my mondus vivendus I said to... Continue Reading →


I am wondering why I can not be myself and still serving Christ in the institution I have served for nine years. Why is that a successful church is measured by what is happening inside of the walls?, and how come a place can be called a phantom ministry when it has served outside of... Continue Reading →

Two Kinds of Jesus

I believe there are two kinds of Jesus in today's world: First, the one that is taught and creates a subculture that excludes people who are different. Second, the one who walks in the red zone of a city, who visits a bar with their friends, who sits among gay and lesbians listening their stories,... Continue Reading →


When finishing a chapter in writing, it feels a sense of accomplishment. A work of many hours has been done, and now I can move to start the next chapter. Most of the time I'll have some idea what the next chapter will be, or at least have a title that will help me develop... Continue Reading →

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