Real Beauty

Lazarus Kauffman Photographer----beauty in the midst..

Real Beauty does not come from what our eyes are able to see, but what our heart are able to feel. Real beauty is not about cuteness or perfect and fit bodies, but it comes from the immensity of your soul and the fragility of your humanity. Real beauty does not measure on how smart you are, but on how much you can cry and give your hand to your friends and people you love. Your beauty comes from within, and it does not matter if we are rejected, stabbed in the back, or called ugly names; those words will clash with the inner words of your beautiful heart and amazing soul.

Real beauty, is the inner realization and discovery of the greatness of our soul in this world. It is finding the joy not from what others have to say about us, but on what we believe about us. It is feeding our hungry soul, clothing our naked and raw feelings, and giving water to our so thirsty emotions. For me the person who continues to look at me in this way is Christ, but not the Christ of the many churches, not the Christ who judges and condemn, not the one who point fingers or create standards of morality, but the one who extends His hand and teach me to keep looking into the beauty of myself.

But may be for you will be through Buddha or Mohamed, your Mom or Dad, or even your friends. It does not matter where do you find the source of your beauty; hopefully you will be able to find it. It is not a destination but a journey that you have to do, we have to do. But may be, you will need my hand, you will need my voice, you will need the strength of my words written in this virtual space.

NOTE: dedicated to my beautiful friend Olivia Olubodun


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