Sacred Center

I have been written so many articles about the different learning experiences in my daily life, but in a way I kind of forgot of myself. I have been concentrating in the people who has rejected me, that I did not even realized that in a way I have rejected myself. I have been trying... Continue Reading →

Dislike (Second Part)

When judging becomes part of our life style we are prone to just see the the outside part of the person. I focus only in their appearance or in the way they interact with me according to my own expectations. I start assuming about their life, just because I think I have the right to... Continue Reading →


I am still wondering why I judge people? Why do I have to place my own expectations in others and suddenly people will fall from my own understanding of grace. I am such a raw person and my emotions and feelings continue to betrayed me. Two weeks ago I decided to erase people from my... Continue Reading →

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