C’est la vie

Life brings us many thing in this journey we are walking, decisions, friends, frustrations, loneliness, rejection, acceptance, and it is up to us the result of what we experienced. There are moments that seem like they were planned even before we lived them. Some people call it destiny, others coincidence, or even believe God is the one creating this universal painting. The French have a phrase that I will say, describes this experience: C’est la vie (such is life or in Spanish Asi es la vida).

The richness of this phrase is that you could use it for everything you going through, or for every moment you live. C’est la vie is focusing our attention not in the end results, but in the whole process that will take us eventually to a different journey.

But as everything we do in life, C’est la vie ,also requires some kind of sacrifice of our part. We can not just blame life for what is happening with us; we need to take responsibility for every step we take and the decision we make. Sacrifice, I will say, is a very important element of life. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary one of the meanings of this word is something given up or lost.

If we want freedom, we will sacrifice animosity.
If we want to love, we will give up our ego.
If we want to fight for social justice, we will sacrifice our privacy.
If we want a community that welcomes everybody, we will give up our own comfort zone.
If we want to cherish who we are, we will sacrifice relationships.

But at the end, we can turn back and see the journey we have walked and with a very calm heart, we can just say: C’est la vie.

In my own life, it is not only putting the whole burden to life, but it is also my strong faith in God who helps me to see that the smallest details in life are planned according to His plan for my life. It is a combination of faith and reality. C’est la vie is a mix of God and my own decisions. But let me tell you, the best way is to have a balance between these two, because the problem arise when everything we do is part of God’s plan without taking in consideration our own responsibility that is when we become fanatic. At the same time I believe that if we just take full responsibility of our acts without even considering the faith part of our humanity, we can easily become a hard hearted people and fatalistic.

So the balance comes when we can find the middle point between the two extremes being a fanatic and a fatalistic; because these two ends can easily take us to be blind to our own truth without having the free space to learn from others. When I give myself the capacity to listen to everybody else’s truth and learn from it; when it does not matter if I am 20 years older than everybody else; if my faith is different than the rest of my friends, when some are engineers or sociologist; then it is easy to just say: C’est la vie and let the world and everything I live teach me how to walk with less worries and concerns about what others understand or see in my life.


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