C’est la vie

Life brings us many thing in this journey we are walking, decisions, friends, frustrations, loneliness, rejection, acceptance, and it is up to us the result of what we experienced. There are moments that seem like they were planned even before we lived them. Some people call it destiny, others coincidence, or even believe God is... Continue Reading →

It is Absurd

It is absurd trying to be who I am not, but it is even more absurd knowing who I am and not wanting to share it with others. As Human beings we would like to have an explanation of every detail of our lives; but we do not have to know the answers, we need... Continue Reading →

Just Follow your Heart.

It has been a while since I wrote my last article, not because of lack of inspiration because this comes from my daily life, from the simple moments I encountered, and then I translate them into a life's teaching for me. Then I shared to you so you may learn also. I once said that... Continue Reading →

Do Not Fake it (Part I)

I can not take away God from my daily life. but I can not take away my humanity either. I am as human as divine every day. Every moment with friends,and family is a remainder that God is with me. Every moment with God is expressed through out the many small encounters with friends during... Continue Reading →

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