I met Antoine(from France) through my friends Josh and Jessica from Tennessee Technological University; Josh and Antoine were room mates in the house that belong to Carrie. Josh met Carrie through Connection. Connection is the group Paula and I founded almost 5 years ago. One day I invited Antoine to one of our karaoke nights... Continue Reading →

Open or Close Mindeness

Why is that when I start doubting and questioning, people think that I am loosing it? The thing they do not know is that I already lost it, so when I doubt and question I am trying to find back my journey. Why is doubting and questioning so threatening? The problem is not in the... Continue Reading →

I do not want to be an idiot

what if "hell" and "heaven" do not exist?, Can we still follow Christ without the assurance of a better life?. What if hell and heaven are here on earth? What if what we do, or the way we become with others leads us to hell or heaven? I have been thinking this lately, specially with... Continue Reading →

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