I am also your neighbor.

I broke the bread with a family today; I was invited to have dinner and share a moment of our lives together. While there I received one of the most beautiful words I have lately received. Hanna, a young woman, who started to come to Connection on summer told me: “Miguel sometimes we need to carry the pastor in our back”. I almost broke into tears in front of her and her mom, because in the past years I have been so burden by the expectation of others to be the strong one, the one with the vision, the creator of ministry that honestly I am really close to give up. But Hanna went further and with a very compassionate heart she decided that it was time for me to be carried. Coming back from their house I could not do nothing else but cry.

I realized that I have been running on empty for the last 12 months, cruising without any gas inside of me, and the moment to stop was approaching. But her words and compassionate heart suddenly were the fresh water I needed in that specific moment, You know, even though, I have always talked about looking into church in a different perspective, and be able to re-think the way we see spirituality in our lives; I do desire God, connectivity and a sense to family with others who are also seekers of this divine strength.Not from programs, activities and Sunday school, not from discipleship classes, conferences or great “preaching”; but for real intimacy with the people we are surrounded; so we can carry each other. I DO NOT want to keep doing this by myself. I need you, my friend, my brother, my community to keep living as human being full of deep emotions. I want to hear your pain, but please I hope you can also hear mine. I want to give you my hand, but please let me also take your hand, I would love to go and visit you at your home and break bread with you; but please come and visit me at my house and break bread with me. As you need direction, I also need for you to carry me, specially now. Please change your self-righteousness face and become a wounded healer; identifying yourself with the suffering, pain and need of the people among you, even the one who for many years have tried to be your spiritual leader. You know I am also your neighbor.

Hanna, your words were honey to my so broken heart. Muchas gracias for your friendship, and I am grateful that our journeys crossed. Thank you once again.


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