I Do Understand

I know is hard for you to believe this, but i know and I can understand your heart. If you have ever feel rejected, I do understand; if you feel depressed, I do understand; if you have been down, I have been there also and I am there right now; if you do not feel... Continue Reading →

The Power of Accepting

Today, I do not feel good at all. Dealing with the illness of depression is really making a mark in my heart, Sometimes I wonder how do I ended up in this? A stage of uncertainty. Today someone I started to know and appreciate came to my house to let me know that even though... Continue Reading →

I am also your neighbor.

I broke the bread with a family today; I was invited to have dinner and share a moment of our lives together. While there I received one of the most beautiful words I have lately received. Hanna, a young woman, who started to come to Connection on summer told me: "Miguel sometimes we need to... Continue Reading →

Little Deaths

“Some people had hurt me deeply, and some had been deeply hurt by me. My inner life had been shaped by theirs. I experienced a real temptation to hold on to them in anger or guilt. But I also knew that I could choose to let them go and surrounded myself completely to a new... Continue Reading →

Lion & Lamb

While I keep thinking what else to write in this on going project called, "my first book", I get more deeper into my thoughts. I am writing at least 2 hours a day and sometimes is hard because I have to share it with my job, school and the many relationships I have. But this... Continue Reading →

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