The Nature of Receiving

I was always told that God loves those who give abundantly and that is better to give than to receive; but I was never taught about the action of receiving. To receive is to get something that has given to us. It is welcoming something that, usually someone else, offers to us. I have found out that in our human nature we are more willing to give, than to receive.

When we give, we become generous; but if we do not like to give we become selfish. In the same way when we receive, we are grateful; but if we do not like to receive we become prideful. Dealing with pride I will say is harder than dealing with selfishness, because selfishness deals with ourselves as individuals, but pride is dealing with our reactions when someone else interacts with us.

For me is usually easier to give because in a way I feel that I am doing something good for someone else, giving becomes a very important part of my daily life because it feeds to the ongoing self-acceptance of my soul; it makes me feel that I am important for somebody else and in a way I am helping that person to become a better human being. The problem is that most of the time when we talk about giving, we think is about some kind of financial remuneration; but giving goes beyond just money; we can give our gifts, life, words, and time to others. We could give a word of encouragement, we could give a shoulder for others to cry, we could enjoy a good cup of coffee and give out listening skills for someone who needs to pour out his or her life to us, we could give a helping hand, a trusting heart or just a smile. I have always said that in order to have a good friend we need to invest in time, money and effort. To give helps our self-esteem grow, and that is why God says that He loves the one who gives generously; I think it means that the more you give the more you will be fulfilled, the more you pour out what you have to others, the more you will make space for your life to receive. Because when we give, we will receive. Nature always comes back to itself; you give, you receive.

But most of the time we close that space that giving has freed in ourselves and we do not let anything to come in. This is when we become prideful because we do not feel the need to receive, not worthy of the the generous heart of others. Imagine having a glass that has been sealed in the top of it, every time we pour out water into the glass the water will go everywhere except inside of it. So we can spent hours and many pitchers trying to fill that glass but if the seal is not broken, nothing will come in. That seal is called pride and pride means just knowing we have all we need and we do not need anything more. Pride means we know it all, and nobody can teach us anything else, pride means believing we are better than those ,we think, are not worth of our values. Lamentably in the world there are more prideful people than generous. Receiving is when are able to take that seal from our lives and create a free space for us to be able to receive from others; but we can not make that free space unless we give out from within us. It is the very simple rule of cause and effect. The cause is the giving, the effect is the receiving or vice versa.

So when God says, is better to give than to receive, he/she is not denying the beauty of receiving, but God is teaching us that in order to receive we need to give. This is the nature of receiving, simple as that.

What are you? An open glass or a sealed one!


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