The Practice of Acceptenness II

In the practice of acceptenness we need to let aside our egos and prejudices, somebody said to me that is better to accept them than mitigate them; but in reality the only way to let aside these feelings is when we are able to know and recognize that we have them.

First thing to remember is that I am a self-center, selfish person in my nature as a human being; one person once told me that I was a very selfish person, and she was absolutely right.I can not deny it and the moment I do not recognize this ego, is the moment I am not willing to let aside this and learn to think about others. But let’s be honest here, when we call somebody a selfish person, we are reflecting our own selfishness into them. Most of the time we will see others weakness without being able to see our own. So how can we accept our ego if we can not recognize is there?.

Second, I need to let aside my prejudice towards the ones who are so different, think so different and act so different than myself. According to the dictionary prejudice means a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation. When I close my mind to consider others lifestyles or opinions, age or ideologies, standards of life or education as a barrier to listen and learn from them; I can easily become a prejudice person.

I have a good example for that, for the last years my Christianity has been changing in many ways. I have become more relax about some issues that used to cause a lot of controversy in my life, specially in my believes. For example there was one time in this Christian journey that I was against dancing, YES!! believe it or not I thought that dancing was evil (Today I laugh about that because now I love to dance) I was against drinking a beer with friends or listening to the good music of Police because it was not to glorify God. There was a strong division between my “Christian Life” and everybody else. So every time I saw this patterns in others I will always over reacted and call them “unworthy” of the same grace I was into. The irrational of all these is that I was judging others without judging myself. Today I have become open to accept everybody just as they are, except really hard to tell you this, the ones that have a close mind and who think the same way I used to be. Most of the Hispanic pastors are in this category and I feel a strong repulsion to relate with them. In other words I became prejudice against them and unable to relate to them at all.

So yes I have accepted my own prejudice, but in the same way I have opened myself to some, I have also closed to others. So practicing acceptenness is for me not something I have already accomplished but a continuous reminder that I still have a lot to learn, a lot to grow and a lot to exercise and practice.

” The downward mobility of God, becomes our way not because we try to imitate Jesus, but because we are transformed into living Christ by our relationship with his Spirit. The spiritual life is the life of the Spirit of Christ in us, a life that set us free to be strong while weak, to be free while captive, to be joyful while in pain, to be rich while poor, to be on downward way of salvation while living in the midst of an upward mobile society”– Henry Nouwen


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