The Practice of Aceptenness

I just had one of the best times ever with my brother Luis. He is nine years older than me and because he left home in a early age, I always felt a big separation between us, even though I had a strong admiration for the way he has handle the battles and valleys of his life. Because of that distant between us, it was hard to find common ground, so most of the times our conversations were vague and not very profound. So when his son, also named Luis decided to come to the USA to play Football and improve his English; I knew this will be a good opportunity to find closeness with my brother and my nephew.

The practice of aceptenness (may be another word that I have invented) is something we need to do in our daily living. It is when we decide to let aside all our egos and prejudices about others and see beyond any differences finding the true beauty in others. It is changing our preconceived concepts we have, and see the humanity in each one of us. When we are able to do so, then life becomes simpler. When my friend Jacob told me that I was beloved by the Beloved, I realized this was a quest I needed to do not only for myself but for every person I encounter in this journey, then aceptenness will come easily.

Henry Nouwen said, “Prayer is, above all, acceptance. A person who prays is someone standing with their hands open to the world”,

If we, as followers of the one who opened the arms for everybody, realize this idea; let me tell you life will be easier and people will start to know the real love and not the fake desire to reach out. Evangelism is not reaching the lost soul, but it is according to my own understanding, the moment we can see everybody else as the one who has been beloved by the Beloved in the face of an African American, a Hispanic, a gay or lesbian, a small kid, a drunker, a homeless and even to the one that in ignorance become racist toward others. It is making room in our heart to the one who gossip against us, who criticize us and wants to see our lives destroyed. This in reality when we can become people with open hearts, open minds and open doors.

May your prayer and lifestyle be a way into embracing everybody and to exercise the practice of acepteness that many of us have forgotten


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