How Open am I?

My question will be? Why do we do Vacation Bible School (VBS), just because it is a good program for the children? or because it is a good program for us to quite our desire to do more programs for God?….What if instead of VBS we do after school programs in summer for all these students from K-12 who do not have anything to do and create classes of music, arts, painting… Read More, writing, math tutoring etc…The 100 or more churches in Cookeville do VBS’s…oh come on!! are we being original and relevant? or are we just doing the same that we have done for the last 200 years and expecting the same results?….this is the definition of insanity. That is why at Connection we decided not to do what everybody else is doing. We are not using a summer curriculum with songs and puppets; we are using our own lives to give the children some fun and educational time. We have gone bowling, visited the Nashville’s Science Museum, we will go to The Knoxville Zoo, We will reinforced their Spanish etc, etc..ah in this will last for June, July and August. Not just a one week program but a whole month of time together.

And in this setting of newness, last night I went and shared the space of Tennessee country side to have a time under the moon to” yumm and drum” with a group of people who has decided to live a simpler life. A bunch of people got together with the drums to be united through music under the light of the full moon. The clouds in this clear night, were walking invading our space and creating a moment were our souls flew away to the presence of the Almighty (or any higher power that this could be) and be lost in the rhythms of the drum’s beat. There, under the moon, were Christians, Muslims, Atheist, Buddhist, Spiritualist, writers, engineers, and students.What a great image of inclusiveness and diversity!  We talked so much about this in the church but everything stays in words, in long weekends of training on how to be inclusive, but in our annual meeting(The Church annual meeting) we were voting to see if we were going to welcome homosexuals into our membership of the church…what a way to waste a whole weekend of inclusive training.And this is not all. So how can we talk about spiritual wholeness if we are not willing to change. Only through change we can grow.

Let’s stop doing things just for the sake of doing it, let’s become people who are known in their communities, living among all kinds of people, creating spaces of conversation where we, as followers of Christ, can we listen and learn from an atheist. To create spaces where children can grow and become a better human being open to everybody and welcoming everybody. Lets start teaching them inclusiveness and diversity not from what we give to them, but from what we are. Thoreau said, ” I would not have anyone adopt my model of living on any account; for, besides that before he has fairly learned it I may have found out another for myself, I desire that there may be as many different persons in the world as possible; but I would have each one be very careful to find out and pursue his own way, and one be very careful to find out and pursue his own way, and not his father’s or his mother’s or his neighbor’s instead” (Walden and Other Writings, P.65)


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