Reality in life sometimes is really hard to live,but in many ways this reality is the product of the decisions we made. Most of the time I wonder: How in the world I ended up here?. Have you ever find yourself walking in a direction you never thought doing it? Have you ever missed the exit and then realized that you are going in a different direction?….but life is not like driving in a highway that you may stop and do a U turn. In life we need to keep moving, we may stop and re-think or meditate in our decisions, but we will never be able to do a U turn. We live every hour, but we can not come back to it and re-live it again. Once that moment has passed, it is gone, no more; it disappears from the existence of our life, but even this is also changing every hour.

So I wonder, what it really means?, I mean Reality. Is it the shadow of the future, the reflection of the past or an on going movement of changing time, direction, and decisions that keep us in constant change? Every second our body is becoming older, we can not do anything about it; the same way every second our reality is changing, but the difference is that one is part of the human nature, the other one is the result of human decisions.


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