Mexico, my Lost Love…..

I just came back from my long trip to Mexico–three weeks–and I had a blast!. Honestly, it was hard to come back, it was hard to depart and leave behind this colorful country filled with lots of sounds, food and warm people. It was hard because I left behind my parents whom I saw getting older and with their hearts broken. I left behind my old friends who welcomed me with open arms, I left behind new friends who touched my soul. I left behind the flavors and aromas of the Mexican streets filled with the uniqueness of this, not as old, country.I visited the country side starting with the small towns of Silao, La Aldea and Romita; there was a sense of calmness when I looked into the corn fields. I saw the old “campesino” riding his very old horse car with broken hands and the expresion of someone who has suffered to live with less of the minimum, but making of his trip the best of of his life. I saw the farmer boy, with a very unique love to life, taking care of the calf that eventually will end it up as steak to be eaten. I enjoyed the woman who has struggled to live as a single mother but her joy never ends, even in a very simple house with no air conditioner with an outside temperature of almost 100 degrees. I enjoyed the wonderful tortillas and salsa from the local “tortilleria”(tortilla maker place) or the smell of the sweet bread from “la panaderia” (bakery). I have missed the greetings of “buenos dias”, “buenas noches” of every person you encounter in the streets or little stores. I have missed the outside market, the vegetable vendor, the public transportation, the smell of pollution (that is right, even that); the noise, the driving crazy through out the streets. I used to say that I did not missed Mexico, but after these days I realized that I have discovered my lost love for this my Mexico.

I know my home right now is the United States, but Mexico is part of my blood heritage, my culture and the country who molded me to be the kind of person I am. Honestly I can not assimilate to this country, I know I will never be, because I have always have the memories of Mexico engraved in me. I can adopt things and learn from it, but the richness of combing the two cultures will make me grow as a person. It is not assimilation but culturalization, the ability to learn the beauty of every culture we are involved.(according to myself).


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  1. Hey Miguel,
    It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. ūüôā I could see the people you described and remember all the sights and smells. It’s funny how a place where I wasn’t born could be so special to me, too. Tacos, tortillerias, and all the nice “good mornings” and greetings on the streets are missed here. I think you are right about learning at appreciate the best of your culture and the best of the culture where you live. You don’t have to leave behind your own culture to appreciate the culture where you live. I didn’t do that when I first went to Mexico. I tried to forget about my culture and adapt completely to Mexico, but I have come to realize like you, that both countries are now in my heart.
    I hope you can continue taking trips back home as often as possible. Take care!

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