The Meaning of Openness

Kolja Tatic - OpennessYou know that I talked a lot about being open,and many keep asking me what is exactly when I said: “I want to be open to myself”. To be open to myself doesn’t mean that I will go to the newspaper and write an article about my life, it doesn’t mean that I will go to the radio station and talk everyday about the desicion of my life; it doesn’t mean that I will go in the middle of Cookeville square and shout to everybody about my life. It just means that I have recognized my brokenness before God and before my intimate friends; that I have made peace to myself in order to go from brokenness to wholenness; that I will leave a life free of judgments to people different than me, because I know I am differet as well. Being open doesn’t mean that I will share my entire life wihall the world. Henry Nouwen says, “When we do not protect with great care our own inner mystery, we will never be able to form community. It is this inner mystery that attracts us to each other and allows us to establish friendship and develop lasting relationships of love.” He adds, “It is our vocation to prevent the harmful exposure of our inner sanctuary, not only for our own protection but also as a service to our fellow human beings with whom we want to enter in a creative communion. Opennes loses its meaning when there is no ability to be closed”. So we do not have to know exactly everything about each other and if we do not share everything to you it does not mean that we do not want to have a relationship with you, it just means that we are creating sacread spaces of intimacy; inner sanctuaries where we can let God work in it. Some times we asked many questions trying to understand from our perspective the dilema or problem of our friends, we ask because we want to know beyond what we percieve. Some times we even go further and give some advice to the ones going into a difficulty; but let’s remember that the only ones who can open that inner sanctuary are God and ourselves.

So openness is not something to do or to create, it is an inner acceptance of ourselves so we can truely live in openess to the world.

May you find your openness in your life, may this openness find inner sanctuaries with your fellow human beings.

—from Mexico, at my parent’s house

*painting byKolja Tatic


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