Waiting Room

I am seating in the waiting room for my second flight to Dallas, Texas. Nashville is gone and I am in the middle of these two connections before I arrive to final destination. There was a sense of sadness when I say good bye to Paula, but at the same time some excitement to be able to see my parents and spend a good and quality time with them. Many changes have occurred in just one week and many more will come. My life seems just as the reality I am living in this airport. I feel like I am in a waiting room waiting for this aircraft to shows up at the end of the gate so I can start waking towards it and board it. I heard one time that happiness is not a destination but a journey; it is not a place to arrive, but a place we already are. We making decisions thinking that this will bring us into a state of happiness, or if we move to the left or right will be better for us because we will be happier; but the reality is that we are already living in that happiness and we just need to keep walking. May be we will flight for a while and arrive to another waiting room, but we are still in the journey. Some times we need our plans to fail, to be canceled so we can re-think where are we heading it. Many people will think that because we changed plans it means that we do not want to go there anymore, but a cancellation doesn’t mean that we will never arrive to the final destination, it could be a delay or a detour,but again, happiness is not a destination.

When this happens and destroys our plans we do not know what to do, Erwin McMannus says that we need some instability and unpredictability, but we are not use to do that because we want things to work the way they supposed to work. When we loose those things we feel as is life is an absolute turbulence. We do not mind for the things we do not like to become uncertain, unpredictable,but are the things we depend on life that we actually based and give us strength to face uncertainty, when we loose these things our life began to sin. This is when we need to realize that a dream comes to a close and to d we need to pursue a new dream. If we are afraid of the turbulence or to the waiting rooms of the “what ifs” where everything is unstable we may loose what will be because we do not have the courage to let go of what was. So the question during these days will be how did I get here, where am I, or where do I need to go from here. Great failures are never overcome by great successes, but by great faithfulness” to ourselves, to the ones we love and to the ones who will stay with us in this new walk,minute by minute, step by step, day by day and one day we will be able to turn back and see how we overcome the greatest failures in life. It is not to put our life together again and everything predictable so we can return to the control our life; but it is about being faithful to believe again in new dreams and keep waiting for the aircraft to arrive to our gate so we can deploy to our new destination.


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