The Meaning of Openness

You know that I talked a lot about being open,and many keep asking me what is exactly when I said: "I want to be open to myself". To be open to myself doesn't mean that I will go to the newspaper and write an article about my life, it doesn't mean that I will go... Continue Reading →

Waiting Room

I am seating in the waiting room for my second flight to Dallas, Texas. Nashville is gone and I am in the middle of these two connections before I arrive to final destination. There was a sense of sadness when I say good bye to Paula, but at the same time some excitement to be... Continue Reading →

Silence in Solitude

"How we ever can expect something really new to happen to us if our hearts and minds are so full of our own concerns that we do not even listen to the sounds announcing a new reality"--Henry Nouwen A wise Yaqui Indian said, "You think and talk much, you must stop talking to yourself". One... Continue Reading →

Life in Itself

"We are always in search of a community that can offer us a sense of belonging, but it is important to realize that being together in one place, one house, one city, or one country is only secondary to the fulfillment of our legitimate desire" --Henry J. M. Nouwen. Today darkness surrounded me and my... Continue Reading →

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