Soul Eyes

dsc03300One of the greatest teachings I learn this week came from my Persian brother Nasser who responded to a note I wrote saying, “This is definitely originated from your godly personality that find divine aspects inside people. We are all just mirrors of each other. The blessed is who uses his/her soul eyes.”

These words reached the deepest of my soul and for a moment a great silence brought me together with my friend. When we talk about silence most of the time we say that is the absence of noise, but I also believe that silence is a way we can communicate with others. Silence with words is the moment you are surrounded by the meaning of the things we read,and for a moment your freeze. I mean, after reading this amazing quote, I couldn’t do anything but be still and in silence. This is when I was united with his soul and spirit.

“The blessed is who uses his/her soul eyes” Hmmmmm!!! Definitely I can not say anything else but just try to digest them…….


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