Being Spirituality

dsc02976After many year of living in culture where Sundays become the most important day of the week, I have started to wonder about that. We feel, as empty, if we do not have “our” time to worship God or to fellowship with other fellow believers; but today ‘s church is not even close of what the church of the early Christians was and I do not think we could be like that either, specially because we are not in the early times anymore, we are in the 21st Century.

We have concentrated so much in developed great times of worship for Sunday mornings, there are places that plan exactly what they will have to better touch the lives of people, with the greatest music band and one of the most entrained teachings. We think that the only way to worship God fully is by having corporate worship in our church building. But then I am remainder of the story a good friend of mine and Muslim brother told when I asked him why Muslim people were extremely hospitable, he answered: “When someone showed up in our house, this person is a friend of God so we will treat him exactly like that”.

So that is when I realized that being spiritual also means to open my house for hospitality, to welcome people to the most inner place I have: my home and treat them as God’s friends. Who says we can not worship God in the company of guest? The church of today needs to learn to open their houses and welcome people to eat at their table instead of spending so much money on creating spectacular services or masses.

Today at my house, I have the great pleasure to host people from USA, Iran, Serbia, Montenegro, India, Spain, China, Austria and Mexico. What a great picture of true spirituality!


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