Remember…I am dust

spaceball144742296_dad3fece5bI started to read a small book from an American Buddhist nun and I have been truly blessed.  One of these lectures says, “What keeps us unhappy and stuck in a limited view of reality is our tendency to seek pleasure and avoid pain, to seek security and avoid groundlessness, to seek comfort and avoid discomfort”. Brennan Manning in his new book “The furious longing of God” mentions, “The men and women who are truly filled with light are those who have gazed deeply into the darkness of their own imperfect existence”.

“I am dust” this is what I think is my theme for this period of lent; the true remainder oft the darkness in me. It is not about the gospel of the many solutions, it is not the gospel of abundance, it is not the gospel of perfectionism; but it is a real gospel, the one who takes me to recognize my humanity before Him.

In each one of us there is something divine and something evil; if we ignore one we become “the most holiest in the world”, if we ignore the other one we can become horrible monsters; but if we practice both we simply become human beings. It is only in this moment–when we are able to discover the beauty of our monster and the irrational of our divinity–that true spirituality is born. The spiritual being is the one who discovers the white and black within himself.

Yes, we are dust!


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