My Lent

Last week I recived my permanent resident card that enables me to have the freedom to stay in this country, to travel back and forth to Mexico and to have the possibities to get scholarships and financial aid to study at the University. Even though I was jumping of happines last Friday and and a friend told me that I was a “Mexican Jumpin Bean”; my hearted was sadden with two news, the first one was with the death of a friend who lost the battle with cancer and the second one with the first immigration raid made by the Obama administration. I can not keep living like nothing happens, I can not live a truly spirituality if I am not fighing for human rights and against social injustices. I can not start a season of lent without thinking about my brothers and sisters who are going through difficulties due to the immigration raids. I can not keep pretending that nothing happens in my surroundings and just live doing my own stuff, studying and living without being able to change. I would like to be a voice of change to people that can not see beyond themselves, beyond undocumented immigration, beyond gay movements, beyond ethnocentticity; beyond all these areas there are human beings suffering, families  thorn apart.  This is my lent, a period of change  to become a person for the people. A season to leave the walls of pretension and go to the streets with the voice of change.


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