My Lent

Last week I recived my permanent resident card that enables me to have the freedom to stay in this country, to travel back and forth to Mexico and to have the possibities to get scholarships and financial aid to study at the University. Even though I was jumping of happines last Friday and and a... Continue Reading →

What is worthwhile!

May be I am disappointing in many things in my life, but one of the things I am most grateful is all the people I can call my friends. For the last eight years since I came to live to USA, I have met so many wonderful  people whom most of the time have become... Continue Reading →


Monotony is not only what has been affecting my life lately; it is also the realization that may be I have failed as a minister. I have been wanting to create community at Connection for so many years, but I feel like that dream is fading away and the more I desire it, the less... Continue Reading →

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