What happen when we realized that our life is not what we have always dreamed about? What happen when we found ourselves in a place of  stuckness? When we cannot move forward and it seems that going backwards is the only way out.

Lately I have been living on a daily basics, hour by hour, day by day, month by month without any sense of direction; tired of not knowing where I am going. Apathy has surrounded my mind and the routine of life has become unbearable.

I have lived in this country for almost eight years and still I do not have the freedom to go back to Mexico without the proper permission of  Homeland Security. Waiting for the permanent residence to arrive without not knowing when it will come is almost like what faith is all about. The problem I see right now is that my faith is unclear, and moving a step forward seems so difficult.

It is a life of monotony.

According to the Merriam-Western dictionary monotony means tedious sameness, lack of variation or variety, tiresome sameness or uniformity.

Could faith and community become monotony? and How can I change that?


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