That’s it

I do not really remember when I wrote about the “Christ of my roots” and how I  re-discovered the Christ of my childhood, the one I was taught by father Christian Jean from the Catholic School I went . This same Christ changed through out my life in the protestant church.

I have also realized that the Latin-American protestantism stole my culture, the beauty and joy to be a Latino and enjoy our music, art, and interaction to different people. The richness of living in diversity.  Herny Nouwen said a very strong statement about his re-discovering of Christ, “The Jesus that I had come to know in my youth had died”, and this has also happened to me, because the Jesus I know now it is not even close to the one I used to know. Don’t take me wrong, it is not that Jesus changed, because He hasn’t. God was, is and will be, but my perception and understanding of Him has changed and is still changing; so it is hard for me to go back the the emptyness of religion. I don’t want to be classified as protestant, not either a Catholic, but I want to be known as someone who is trying to seek God and that’s it!!


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