What happen when we realized that our life is not what we have always dreamed about? What happen when we found ourselves in a place of  stuckness? When we cannot move forward and it seems that going backwards is the only way out. Lately I have been living on a daily basics, hour by hour,... Continue Reading →

Be yourself

Today I was talking to a good friend of mine about being real to ourselves. Sometimes we spend so much time trying to impress everybody else, trying to please our boss, our friends, our family that we can easily forget about who we are. We create sub-worlds were we can interact with different people always... Continue Reading →

That’s it

I do not really remember when I wrote about the "Christ of my roots" and how I  re-discovered the Christ of my childhood, the one I was taught by father Christian Jean from the Catholic School I went . This same Christ changed through out my life in the protestant church. I have also realized... Continue Reading →

From my wounds

No one ever promised that the fastest horse in the race was the easiest one to ride --Erick J. Joiner, Jr. I chose to study Sociology because I like to know about people, but sometimes I wonder if studying that will help me to interact with them, because I am rough as the bark of... Continue Reading →

Yes I still do

I am amazed how imperfect I am as a human being and how much learning do I have to do every single day. Today, specially, I asked myself these questions: where is the life's manual to behave in this world? Where do we learn those behaviors and conducts of interaction? How come we are not... Continue Reading →

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