I have been introduced to the music of Zakir Hussain an Indian tabla musician who can do wonders with his intrument, and for the last day I have been enjoying the great music he brings to me. It as a very energetic rhythym but at the same time it can bring a sense of peace to my soul. While I listen to it, I keep thinking about the conversation I had with a friend yesterday when he told me that in order to become a place open for everybody we needed to recreate the concept of what church means for us. Then I realized that we not only we need to recreate, but we need to rethink what we are doing. Another friend told me “we need another reformation” and I absolutetly agree with him. Rethink and recreate are  intrinsic parts of changing the way we do things, but we also need to learn how to face resistance to be able to welcome anybody. I will also say that we don’t need just to welcome, but to go out and become part of this changing community.


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