Religious Experience

Last Wednesday I went to Nashville for a “religious experience” according to myself.  Yes I drove one hour in a very foggy night with the company of good friends to be involved in the release of the CD of Danny Salazar and Trova Urbana. I met Danny a couple months ago when he came to play at Connection in our first cultural night. The night was amazingly awesome; his music is a combination of all the rhythms of Latin-America passing through bossanova, salsa, cumbia, bachata, etc. The miracle during this night was that Paula danced for almost two hours with me!!! wow!! Let me tell you that in itself was the religious experience, being able to enjoy with her one of my most enjoyable passion: dancing. I have always say, If your feet can not dance; Let your spirit and soul do it for you”, but you better take some classes.

Let me just explain why I said it was religious. Something is religious to me when I am able to experience the magnificent awesomness of God through the many manifestation He has given us. I experience that through the music, work of art, writings ,good reading, good friends, when I can be hospitable towards others, on good and deep conversation, when I laugh until I can no more, or through the sensation I feel when the congas, trumpets and rhytms flow trhough my body and touch my soul and spirit. How can I keep wanting to place Him inside of four walls?….Think about it for a moment and let you mind and hear be open to what is outside waiting for you.


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