dsc02604My life has been awaken to a new reality. Something has changed and it is mostly happening because of the awesome little pill I am taking from my thyroid treatment. I can not believe that one little thing can change the life of such a big guy like me, but indeed has done a tremendous job. It is helping me in all areas in my life, physical, mental, spiritual and others. The cloud of heaviness that I was carrying for many years has been blown away, after many prayers, many intense psychological treatments,lots of reading, counseling, crying, and many depressed moments; one little pill made my life so much easy. So it was not the devil, like many people were telling me. It was not that I was not praying enough, like others were assuming. It was not that I was dealing with all the garbage in my life. NO, it was not all that! It was just that my body was not producing what it was supposed to, so just a little pill has transformed my life. I can now say that I have literally been born again…..just ask my wife, she will tell you. So with this on mind I just want to share with you that I am back again on this journey of writing my life, my thoughts, my doubts and wherever comes to my crazy and unfulfilled mind.

“No amount of travel on the wrong road will bring you to the right destination.”
— Ben Gaye, III


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