Temporarily Insane.

Instead of trying to welcome people to Connection, what about being able to be welcomed by our community? Instead of trying to fill out our building with people on Sunday, what about trying to have a strong representation of us in the midst of the place we live? Instead of planning for Sunday, what about... Continue Reading →


I have been introduced to the music of Zakir Hussain an Indian tabla musician who can do wonders with his intrument, and for the last day I have been enjoying the great music he brings to me. It as a very energetic rhythym but at the same time it can bring a sense of peace... Continue Reading →

Religious Experience

Last Wednesday I went to Nashville for a "religious experience" according to myself.  Yes I drove one hour in a very foggy night with the company of good friends to be involved in the release of the CD of Danny Salazar and Trova Urbana. I met Danny a couple months ago when he came to... Continue Reading →

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