En Memoria

“There is a remedy for all things but death, which will be sure to lay us out flat some time or other.”
— Miguel de Cervantes

This week three of my good friends went to very difficult moment, facing death. Well one of them did not face that this week but last year. Dani faced the sudden death of a friend due to heart complications in a surgery, David and John lost their dad’s after a long battle with cancer, and for both of them this lost has been a extremely difficult. Sometimes I would like to have the perfect words to tell so I can encourage them or being able to stretch my hand to grab theirs and hold them close to my heart, so I can share with them the pain of loosing the person who loved them the most: their father.

I have the privilege to spend, with John’s family, one of the last thanksgivings that Robert Louis Purdue Jr (Bob) had. He was a man that love God, and adore his family, and I can see in John’s life the reflection of the live of this man than I know he misses him. John send me an e-mail this morning with a comment of the evening we went to see Mozart’s Requiem: All I can say is that I love you and that I am almost crying with the memory of the evening and of my own dad, who wanted me to love the classics far more than I ever did.” When I read this I cried also because for one moment, just a single short moment, I felt what John was feeling.

Yesterday my friend David lost his father, David Reid Johnson. I never met him personally but I knew him through the words of my friend. In one of his messages he said to me: “Nothing really to say, just hard to say goodbye to a great father” . I know he is going to the painful grief of loosing someone he loved, and for not being able to be there in the last moment.

Today in these writings I want to honor the lives of these men, a son and two fathers, and I would like to let my friends know that even though I don’t have the right words to say to soften their shock and pain, one thing they can know for sure, you can count on me.

I want to honor these people with the great part of the Mozart Requiem:

Sacrifice and prayers unto you, O Lord,
we offer with praises.
Recieve them for the souls of those
whom we commemorate this day.
Let them pass, O Lord,
from death to life.
Which you once promised to Abraham
and to his seed


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