The Path-El Camino

I have been thinking why I have decided to follow The Christ and not somebody else. I don’t have a very elaborated answer to explain the reason of this attraction towards the man that lived more than 2000 years ago. I know that in my search for true spirituality I found Christ to be the one who can take me closer to God, and you know that was exactly what I wanted. But I also realized that the strong faith I have came from the faith I saw from my Catholic mother who always clinged to Him in all her life, never judging and always accepting other faiths. But if I answer that question of why with “because is my parents’ faith”, then what kind of individual faith do I really have?…sounds more like a collectively. I can not follow the faith of my parents because I am a totally different person than they are.  Christ for me is the God-men who I know has accepted me just the way I am with all my messiness, brokenness, imperfections, and insecurities. I have decided to follow Him because I want to learn from Him, not only because He is God, but because He is a man. I don’t know if this is your truth, but I know I have adopted it as mine and I will continue to keep finding ways on how to cross into the path of Christ, so that is why I say that I am a reformed Catholic and open minded Protestant or may be I am a reformed protestant and an open minded catholic….what I do know is that God-Christ is the one I, Miguel, have decided to follow.


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