The Path-El Camino

I have been thinking why I have decided to follow The Christ and not somebody else. I don't have a very elaborated answer to explain the reason of this attraction towards the man that lived more than 2000 years ago. I know that in my search for true spirituality I found Christ to be the... Continue Reading →

Spanish Blog

I have open a new space where I will be posting in Spanish, you are welcome to go and visit it. Go to the link in the right side of the blog and click on Entre Voces y Notas. But i will keep doing this as a bilingual blog. He abierto un nuevo espacio en... Continue Reading →


The word stuck means to stay with no movement in the same place. Most of the times when referring about this word we say things can get stuck; but for this time I will assign it as a describe adjective for my life. During my Sociology class I was looking into some deviance theories and... Continue Reading →

Smelly Words-Palabras Olorosas

I was told the other day that sometimes "cyber words"(e-mails) are like farts, once they are out the smell last for a while and it is really hard to take them back or even hide them. We are comunicating more and more through internet and it just seems right to get on it. The problem... Continue Reading →

Me Duele

I am sorry but this is another post without translation, but it is a poem to my brothers and sisters whom deep in my heart I know I love them but there are so much hurt in our history, in my own history that sometimes my words are full of pain and only through writing... Continue Reading →

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